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ParfaitLiss'® Light case

ParfaitLiss Light case
Smoothing and fixing of plasterboard jointing tape - Manual operation
- Includes 2 new features: 19 cm bucket stucator for faster setting of plaster, right to the bottom of the bucket & ParfaitLiss'®Light, the advantages of L'Originale by L'Outil Parfait®, lightness and dexterity enhanced.

  • ParfaitLiss'® Light blade: new handle up to 25% lighter - The flatness of the handle, designed to avoid palm contact, combined with the carefully placed Comfort Grip strips, prevents your hands from slipping when using it. The high-performance Bi-Flex technology with PVC counter-blade and specific holding angle are optimized - New Soft Comfort non-slip handle that is lighter in order to improve the dexterity of L'Originale by L'Outil Parfait®.
  • Flexible, ultra-abrasion-resistant ParfaitLiss'® Light blade - Perfectly even wear and smoothing along the entire length - High-quality blade protection - Reusable
  • Alu-choc® plastering knives with flexible blade - Ergonomic, balanced shape reduces wrist fatigue

Technical description of the product ParfaitLiss'® Light case

  • 7-piece kit : 4 ParfaitLiss'® Light blades (25, 35, 45 and 60 cm) 1 stucator for 19 cm bucket 1 Alu-choc® 10 cm drywall knife 1 Roll'Enduit® 180 mm
  • Roll'Enduit® : Black Polyamide 18 mm fibres - Durable - Hollow bi-material handle - White zinc-plated rod 8 mm
  • Alu-Choc® Knives: tempered stainless steel blade with polished, brilliant finish - Bi-material handle - Aluminum cap - ParfaitLiss'® Light: flexible tempered stainless steel blade - Progressive rounded edges to prevent marking. - Prevention of MSD (Musculoskeletal disorders) - Concept OP PROCESS'®
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ParfaitLiss'® Light case
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