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ParfaitBac'® 500

ParfaitBac 500
For floor rollers up to 500 mm.
Flat paint tray on wheels with 3 easy-to-position eco-refills.

  • Wheels for moving the wide, high-capacity tray. Locking hook for securing the pole by passing it underneath when moving. Interchangeable right/left as required.
  • Carrying handle: in the upright position, it can also be used to hold the pole/roller assembly. Built-in wringing surface and resting area for the roller.
  • Protective film: Use, fold, throw away. Less polluted water discharged, less thinner used, elimination of sewer discharge. Quick start-up of the site with each colour change.

Technical description of the product ParfaitBac'® 500

  • Flat tray, usable width 600 mm - Capacity 16 litres - Polypropylene (70% recycled material).
  • Top-grade polypropylene wheels (30% recycled material). 2 non-slip SEBS feet (heat-resistant up to 120°C and cold-resistant down to -40°C). All these materials can be 100% recycled.
  • Includes 3 Eco-refills: Low-density polypropylene film, recycled material. Available in rolls of 10 (Reference 2718500).
A_Made in FranceParfaitBac'® Ecological - Economical - Practical
ParfaitBac'® 500
16 L
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